Ceramic capacitors ,past and present



1940 it was discovered that ceramic capacitors are now the main raw material BaTiO3 (barium titanate) with isolation, due to ceramic capacitors can be a wide range of temperatures, ceramic capacitors for both starting small and medium-sized enterprises, the accuracy is very high among the military electronic equipment.Around 1960 and laminated ceramic capacitor began to develop as a commodity.In 1970, with the hybrid IC, a laptop, the progress of electronic equipment also developed rapidly and become an essential electrical and electronic components.Now the entire market of dielectric capacitors ceramic capacitors, the number of around 70%.


Dielectric insulating material used primarily in ceramics ceramic, its basic structure is internal electrode ceramics and overlap of substance.There are several types of ceramic materials, electronic products, as they consider harmless, especially her after the unleaded high dielectric constant ceramic capacitors are outside the zone, which now mainly uses dioxide of titanium, calcium, zirconium, and so forth.Ceramic capacitors and other capacitors, compared to the small size, large capacity, good resistance to heat, suitable for mass production and low price.


The company (HVC) material of high voltage on the capacitor ceramic made use of the military with high-voltage and novel frequency characteristics.We can provide you with high pressure of 1kV to 60kV ceramic capacitors, and the ultra high frequency to reach 1000KHZ is a product of negative ion generator laser, X-RAY machine, machine CT, detective and measurement equipment, coil ignition, ignition, generator high voltage (high-voltage Marx generator), transformers, electrical equipmentmodule voltage, welding, electrostatic spraying and other devices of the essential equipment.


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