High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor 50kv detail specification.


HVC Capacitor is professional ceramic disc capacitor manufacturer, Our available spec in 50kv ceramic disc capacitor as following:

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HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is professional high voltage ceramic capacitor

manufacturer who already work with FORTUNE 500 company like PHILIPS, GE. TOSHIBA,

HITACHI, SONY, KODAD , and SIMEMS's medical department.(X-RAY, CT ,MRI).



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For 30kv high voltage ceramic capacitor, our available detail spec as following:




50kv 500pf , 50kv 501K,50kv 220pf, 50kv 221K,50kv 150pf, 50kv 151K,50kv 101k, 50kv 100pf 10% 
50kv 151k, 50kv 150pf 10% ,50kv 221k, 50kv 220pf 10% ,50kv 331k, 50kv 330pf 10%,50kv 471k
 50kv 470pf 10% ,50kv 561k, 50kv 560pf 10% ,50kv 681k, 50kv 680pf 10% ,50kv 102k, 50kv 1000pf 10% 
50kv 222k, 50kv 2200pf 10% ,50kv 332m, 50kv 3300pf 20%,50kv 472m, 50kv 4700pf 20%,50kv 682m
 50kv 6800pf 20% ,50kv 103m, 50kv 10000pf 20%