How lift some companies made of alta tension ceramic capacit

How lift some companies made of alta tension of ceramic capacitors of bias?


As the saying goes: practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.Over the years, as some of the ignorance of the non-profit company, intends to boast, the national brands of high voltage ceramic capacitors of this sign crashed.Problems is mainly reflected in resistance to the tension, some companies in order to show his strain of ceramics of high production capacity of capacitors, even that exaggerated the value of the maximum pressure marked nominal voltage, and is printed in the condenser above.


For example: some manufacturers offer guests high voltage ceramic capacitors, proven hecho, 20KV1000PF by the customer, should ser the rated voltage of 10 kV products, their 10 kV voltage work is most appropriate to ensure the life of the normal operation of the circuit and the system.If stress exceeds the capacity of 15 KV, the capacitor Fengyun, indeed, limited.If there are more than 20 kW or less, than in the breakdown.Therefore some of the company blind arrogance, regardless of the interests of the guests will be marked a capacitor or 20KV 15KV, the consequences can be imagined.


Due to this part of the sheep black, many companies have formed a psychological: the quality of the domestic production of high voltage ceramic capacitors does not work!One of the cases, two of this, customers have lost confidence.So instead of buying abroad.Some focus on the brand and corporate image suffered, it was announced: there is no high voltage ceramic capacitors in fact!Even customers with impatience said: Sorry, we reject the use of national brands, but also refused to test made samples!-This also shows that they have been victims of the profound impact of the bad news!


Then, how to break this situation?After all, our products, and corporate fraud of black heart, our product is the result of Philips and other foreign companies demanding test!In this case, we have to forget his poor positioning of trust told the guests: Hello!Do we HVC capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Philips and other companies in the x-ray and CT machines using our high voltage ceramic capacitors, and ask them not to consider a change of opinion in our national products?


Secondly, it is said that light is not from the mouth to compelling enough.We offer the use of Philips in our tests of capacitor of high voltage ceramic and records of transactions, so that guests can see: Philips are in use, but and why?


Currently, our products by the Philips company and cooperate actively with the stringent requirements of I + D, has been completely to update with German product.Therefore, if still imports of high-voltage ceramic capacitors, accept the EE capacitance.UU. he said it all now!Be sure that their products are competitive, actually costs more expensive than Philips Oh!


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