The quality of epoxy layer of high voltage capacitor

The externalisation of the capacitor of high pressure of seal ceramics layer, the layer of epoxi, that is not only a encapsulation material, its quality and characteristics affects the quality of the own capacitor.


First of all, the capacitor of ceramics of Chips to each other and the layer of epoxy are a combination of points, points often combine is the capacity of one more of them weaker point. Therefore, the densidad of union sites, a direct hit in the EP. The densidad, best, the smallest one is the amount of partial unloadings.


Second pressure, discharge or high voltage of the capacitor of ceramics in the process of execution of the work, take place stress by heat, reason why thermal stress in repeated occasions extended a contraction between the nuclei and will have a breach between the resin, the capacity of gas elimination of the tension in the capacitor tends to fall of significant way, whereas the dramatic increase of the EP is here, so the capacitor is easy to decipher.


Once again, usually we say that the recovery car-process, in fact, the capacitor after the sintering to high temperature, a thermal stress to its necessity to calm to the natural processes. The longer recovery time, capacity to support the tension of the capacitor in terms of quality will be more. For example, in comparison, the production finished recently of the capacitor, the tests of tension of 60 kV, and after almost two months of recovery, the capacity of much greater pressure, until 80kV or more.


 In addition, due to the different materials epoxi, the capacity of the different temperatures. For example, some of the ceramic condensing interns of high voltage in conditions of low temperature are not so impressive yield. Answer to a client, a product supplier, to save below cero up to 30 degrees, is natural that are cracked. There are two reasons, first material, under epoxy temperature are tolerated, which means that the poor properties to low temperatures; Another reason can be incompatible with epoxi and the expansion and thermal contraction of Chips. Giving like result the low temperature of 30 degrees below cero, stress by cold is inconsistent, does not reduce the volume of the same magnitude, which is repressing.


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