High voltage ceramic capacitors used in power system problem

High voltage ceramic capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors in the network, the high voltage ceramic capacitors, typically measured as a network, energy storage, power and other products are used.

Due to the nature power systems: AC high voltage, high frequency in outdoor environments (-40 ° C to + 60 degrees) lightning voltage / current, so a variety of factors, which was a high-voltage ceramic capacitors in the development and production in a dilemma: the harsh environment with superior capacitive stability requires that the rate of change of small, at the same time, measurement, energy storage, power and other products, high precision, which in this environment of high voltage ceramic capacitors PD, which has sometimes a very demanding : PD to zero.

High voltage ceramic capacitor PD is 0 (zero) which is most manufacturers can not imagine what is known today reach, foreign companies, including three two brands, and this reached a high error rate or in the realization of.

Prior to China's record is the least serious of a factory in Xi'an. The customer to inspect high voltage ceramic capacitor 100pcs, 10% in the requirements of the PD 0 (zero).

The record of the HVC, must be traced to last month. Our latest batch of high-voltage power ceramic capacitor test this latter submission, 40KVAC 1000PF product, the PD default 0 yield reaches 80% or more! Applause, friends! This may be a world record! and after three months, our engineers based on the latest available data, solve the problem of PD, so the benefits of the HVC capacitor technology benefits not only in but also be reflected be reflected in the price advantages. Zero-base error rate, it allows customers to benefit directly, high-quality, affordable brand new experience!


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