Difference between Wafer-shaped cylindrical high voltage cer

 In the form of capsule-of high voltage condensing ceramic lead laminae are in their majority of blue type, are some yellow manufacturers of lead Chips articles. Difference between the tension of cylindrical condenser of ceramics of high for the appearance of the bottle, the central bolt leads, generally of white and brown color. And of cylindrical form, capacitor of chip of ceramics of the difference between discharge, mainly in the following characteristics:


A yield of the partial unloadings, in the form of capsules of high voltage of ceramic condensing PS is relatively high, whereas the cylindrical one of ceramics of condensing high voltage PS is low, have been used in the devices of intelligent network, like the box of measurement of high pressure, switch of pressure sub-equipment, etc. In resistance, blue chip of high voltage of condensing yield of ceramics to be worse.


Two, cylindrical condensing HVC of high voltage of ceramics, are generally used in the materials N4700-type, the life utility of 20 years, commitment with the quality is of 10 years. The special requests like the clients not to use other materials, capacitor HVC with N4700. This material is characterized by the temperature coefficient is small, the Council put a small resistance, good characteristics of high frequency, of low loss, low internal resistance. By all means, blue chip of high voltage of ceramic capacitor is also used material N4700, nevertheless, the yield of the package of leaf of cylindrical packing also. Nevertheless, if the equipment requirements are not so high, that it does not have to use a cylindrical condenser. For example, Philips X-ray machines and the machines of TC, etc, is to use the material of N4700 form blue-chip of high voltage of ceramic capacitor. In the same way, the life expectancy can be reached of 10 to 20 years.


Thirdly, the condenser of ceramics of cylindrical high voltage characteristic of high frequency and capacity of high current is better than in the form of leaf of capacitores of ceramics.


To buy in fourth place, only, does not choose expensive, the right is the best one. In the selection of the capacitor of high voltage of ceramics, and the engineer of sales must explain with clarity: what equipment to use? Frequency of environment? The room temperature? Closed surroundings? Tension on watch? Pulse of voltage? Excess of current? The requirements of the DP? Some clients also require a low resistance, small size, or requirements more, only one clear exhibition of these problems, the engineers of sales to recommend fast and needs suitable products.


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