HV Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Rated Voltage 1KV to 70KV, N4700(T3M) Class Dielectric Ceramic Materials

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HV Ceramic Doorknob Capacitors

Available from 20KV to 150KV, Single and Double Disc Construction.

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High Voltage Rectifier Diodes

Ultra Fast Recovery Time, High Surge Current and Shock Resistance

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High Voltage Thick Film Resistors

Available Planar and Cylindrical Type, Tolerance as Low as 0.1%

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About Us

HVC is an emerging manufacturer of high voltage ceramic capacitor and related hv components back from 1999, with production plant of 6000sq meter in Southern China Dongguan city.We are specialized in high voltage ceramic capacitors in both radial lead and doorknob type.We also have RF power capacitor, HV thick film resistors and HV rectifier diodes to complete our line.HVC high voltage component already approval by Fortune 500 companies,and now HVC's distribution channel cover 12 countries.