Chinese made HV Ceramic Capacitor as alternative for Japanese/U.S.A brands.


Chinese made HV Ceramic Capacitor as alternative for Japanese/U.S.A brands.

The ceramic capacitors produced in China have reached maturity in terms of quality and performance and can replace well-known foreign brands.
The following content depicts a scenario approximately 10 years ago when Chinese-produced high-voltage ceramic capacitors were not recognized by end-users. However, in recent years, there has been a surge in domestically produced alternatives.
Our company has prepared ceramic capacitors suitable for large companies. Prior to this, the capacitors underwent comprehensive testing, and the test report indicates that HVC's high-voltage capacitors have excellent electrical and heat resistance performance, low dielectric loss, a wide range of rated voltage and capacity, and the epoxy coating exhibits good moisture resistance and flame retardancy. According to the report, it is evident that the quality of ceramic capacitors is high.
After conducting extensive market research, we obtained the contact information of purchasing managers from terminal companies. With everything prepared, our sales representative decided to call today to discuss the high-quality capacitors from HVC.
Capacitor Sales: Hello, I'm from HVC Capacitor Company. I hope this call doesn't inconvenience you.
Purchasing Manager Mr. A: How can I assist you?
Capacitor Sales: We specialize in high-voltage ceramic capacitors, and our products have undergone rigorous testing in various aspects. If you are interested, we can arrange free samples for your evaluation.
Purchasing Manager Mr. A: While it's true that we use ceramic capacitors, we are currently not considering domestic suppliers from China.
Capacitor Sales: May I ask what reasons led you to decide not to consider domestic suppliers?
Purchasing Manager Mr. A: We encountered some quality issues with the high-voltage ceramic capacitors we used in the past.
Capacitor Sales: That may have been the case several years ago, but since then, Chinese high-voltage ceramic capacitors have made significant improvements. We would be happy to provide you with free samples for testing.
Although Purchasing Manager Mr. A initially seemed reluctant, we understand that this may be due to a lack of confidence or concerns about our telephone marketing capabilities. However, we assure you that we are committed to continuous improvement and believe that we can meet your requirements. We earnestly request an opportunity to prove ourselves. We believe you will be satisfied with our products.


In recent years, the situation has evolved as depicted below in a simulated customer-business communication:
Purchasing Manager Mr. B: Hello, is this HVC Company? Our company is interested in purchasing capacitors to replace those from Japanese company Murata and American company V. I heard that you have successful replacement experience.
The specific product I need is a capacitor with xx voltage and xx capacitance. I require xx number of capacitors for my project.
Capacitor Sales: Alright, we are HVC Capacitors. Thank you for your interest in our products. Although our products have been recognized by well-known European and American companies, we still need to start by understanding the basic requirements of your circuit in order to provide you with the most suitable capacitors and assist with your various tests. May I ask what your application product is? What type of circuit are you using? Is it a voltage doubler circuit? Do you have the model number of the foreign products you previously used? What challenges have you encountered in the process of replacing them with domestic products? What are your specific requirements?
Purchasing Manager Mr. B: Our equipment is xxxx.
If you would like to learn more about HVC capacitors replacing well-known Japanese brands, please click on the following press release published in the renowned American business magazine, BUSINESS INSIDER:
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