Overview of ceramic capacitors 3

Because of the abundance of raw materials, the structure is simple, inexpensive, and a wide range of electric capacity (generally a few PF to hundreds μF), the loss is smaller, the temperature coefficient of capacitance according to the requirements in a wide range of adjustment.

The ceramic capacitors variety shape chip capacitors to large power ceramic capacitor sizes differ considerably from 0402 (about 1 × 0.5mm) package. Can be divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ type semiconductor ceramic capacitor dielectric material properties; according to the size of the reactive power can be divided into low-power, high power ceramic capacitors; operating voltage can be divided into low and high voltage ceramic capacitors; shape according to the structure can be divided into wafer-shaped tube, drum, bottle-shaped, cylindrical, plate-shaped, laminated, monolithic, massive, pillar, mandrel type.

hv ceramic capacitor