HV Ceramic Capacitor 1kv to 8kv, detail specification.


HVC Capacitor is professional ceramic disc capacitor manufacturer, Our available spec in small high voltage range as following:

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Capacitors with 7.5 mm (0.30") to 15 mm (0.40") lead spacing(P)









• Low losses
• High stability
• High capacitance in small size
• Kinked (preferred) or straight leads
• Compliant to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC
Class 1: SL, - 25 °C to + 85 °C
Class 2: Y5T, Y5U, Y5V, - 25 °C to + 85 °C
Class 2: X5F, X7R, N4700 - 40 °C to + 125 °C
Class 1 SL
Class 2 X7R, Y5P, Z5U, Y5V, X5F  
10 pF to 33 000 pF
1 kV to 50 kV
200 % of rated voltage
• DC high voltage
• CO2  lasers
• Pulse high voltage
• HV power supply
• HF ballast
The capacitors consist of a ceramic disc both sides of which are
silver-plated.  Connection  leads  are  made  of  tinned copper.
The capacitors  may be supplied  with  kinked  or  straight leads
with a lead spacing of 5 mm (0.20"), 7.5 mm (0.30") or 10 mm (0.40")
and a lead length from 4 mm to 30 mm. The standard  tolerance on
capacitance  is 5  %  or 10 %  for class 1  capacitors and  ±
10 % or ± 20 %  for class 2 capacitors. Encapsulation is made
of blue colored epoxy-resin.
N4700:      >= 200 000 MΩ
UJ,SL,X5F,X7R,Y5T: >= 100 000 M Ω
Y5U,Y5V:>= 10 000 MΩ
± 5 %; ± 10 %; ± 20 %; + 80/- 20 %
other tolerances available upon request
UJ,SL:  6X10 -4
X5F:    1%
X7R:    1.5%
N4700:  0.1% to 0.2%
Y5T:    1%








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HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is professional high voltage ceramic capacitor

manufacturer who already work with FORTUNE 500 company like PHILIPS, GE. TOSHIBA,

HITACHI, SONY, KODAD , and SIMEMS's medical department.(X-RAY, CT ,MRI).



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For 1kv 8kv small high voltage ceramic caps, our available detail spec as following: 


1kv 101 capacitor, 1kv 100pf   capacitor ,1kv 151  capacitor ,1kv 150pf  capacitor, 1kv 221  capacitor, 

1kv 220pf  capacitor, 1kv 331, 1kv 330pf  capacitor,1kv 471,1kv 470pf capacitor,1kv 561,1kv 560pf 

capacitor, 1kv 681,1kv 680pf, 1kv 680pf capacitor, 1kv 102, 1kv 1000pf, 1kv 1000pf  capacitor, 1kv 222,

1kv 2200pf,1kv 2200pf capacitor,1kv 332,1kv 3300pf,1kv 3300pf capacitor,1kv 472,1kv 4700pf capacitor,

1kv 682,1kv 6800pf capacitor,1kv 103,1kv 10000pf capacitor,1kv 223,1kv 22000pf capacitor.


2kv 101 capacitor,2kv 100pf   capacitor,2kv 151  capacitor,2kv 150pf  capacitor,2kv 221  capacitor,

2kv 220pf  capacitor,2kv 331,2kv 330pf  capacitor,2kv 471,2kv 470pf capacitor,2kv 561,2kv 560pf capacitor

2kv 681,2kv 680pf,2kv 680pf capacitor,2kv 102,2kv 1000pf,2kv 1000pf  capacitor,2kv 222m,2kv 2200pf

2kv 2200pf capacitor,2kv 332k,2kv 3300pf,2kv 3300pf capacitor,2kv 472,2kv 4700pf capacitor,2kv 682

2kv 6800pf capacitor,2kv 103,2kv 10000pf capacitor,2kv 223,2kv 22000pf capacitor


3kv 101 capacitor,3kv 100pf   capacitor,3kv 151  capacitor,3kv 150pf  capacitor,3kv 221  capacitor

3kv 220pf  capacitor,3kv 331,3kv 330pf  capacitor,3kv 471,3kv 470pf capacitor,3kv 561,3kv 560pf capacitor

3kv 681,3kv 680pf,3kv 680pf capacitor,3kv 102,3kv 1000pf,3kv 1000pf  capacitor,3kv 222m,3kv 2200pf

3kv 2200pf capacitor,3kv 332k,3kv 3300pf,3kv 3300pf capacitor,3kv 472,3kv 4700pf capacitor,3kv 682

3kv 6800pf capacitor,3kv 103,3kv 10000pf capacitor,3kv 223,3kv 22000pf capacitor


4kv 101 capacitor,4kv 100pf   capacitor,4kv 151  capacitor,4kv 150pf  capacitor,4kv 221  capacitor

4kv 220pf  capacitor,4kv 331,4kv 330pf  capacitor,4kv 471,4kv 470pf capacitor,4kv 561,4kv 560pf capacitor

4kv 681,4kv 680pf,4kv 680pf capacitor,4kv 102,4kv 1000pf,4kv 1nf,4kv 1000pf  capacitor,4kv 222m

4kv 2200pf,4kv 2.2nf,4kv 2200pf capacitor,4kv 332k,4kv 3300pf,4kv 3300pf capacitor,4kv 3.3nf

4kv 472,4kv 4700pf capacitor,4kv 682,4kv 6800pf capacitor,4kv 6.8nf,4kv 103,4kv 10000pf capacitor

4kv 223,4kv 22000pf capacitor


6kv 101 capacitor,6kv 100pf   capacitor,6kv 151  capacitor,6kv 150pf  capacitor,6kv 221  capacitor

6kv 220pf  capacitor,6kv 331,6kv 330pf  capacitor,6kv 471,6kv 470pf capacitor,6kv 561,6kv 560pf capacitor

6kv 681,6kv 680pf,6kv 680pf capacitor,6kv 102,6kv 1000pf,6kv 1000pf  capacitor,6kv 222m,6kv 2200pf

6kv 2200pf capacitor,6kv 332k,6kv 3300pf,6kv 3300pf capacitor,6kv 472,6kv 4700pf capacitor

6kv 682,6kv 6800pf capacitor,6kv 103,6kv 10000pf capacitor,6kv 223,6kv 22000pf capacitor


8kv 101 capacitor,8kv 100pf   capacitor,8kv 151  capacitor,8kv 150pf  capacitor,8kv 221  capacitor

8kv 220pf  capacitor,8kv 331,8kv 330pf  capacitor,8kv 471,8kv 470pf capacitor,8kv 561,8kv 560pf capacitor

8kv 681,8kv 680pf,8kv 680pf capacitor,8kv 102,8kv 1000pf,8kv 1000pf  capacitor,8kv 222m,8kv 2200pf

8kv 2200pf capacitor,8kv 332k,8kv 3300pf,8kv 3300pf capacitor,8kv 472,8kv 4700pf capacitor,8kv 682

8kv 6800pf capacitor,8kv 103,8kv 10000pf capacitor,8kv 223,8kv 22000pf capacitor