High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor 20KV 2200PF(20KV 222M)


1. High rated voltage 20KV, 2200pf 2. Dielectric strength at 150% rated voltage3. Low dissipation factor at 1%4. Y5T

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High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor 20KV 2200PF (20KV 222M)


Manufacturer: HVC


Series: Ceramic Disc Type Capacitor


Capacitance: 2200pf (222M)


Voltage - Rated: 20KV


Tolerance: M---± 20 %


Temperature CoefficientY5T


Mounting Type: Leaded,Through Hole


Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃


Dielectric Strength: 150% of rated voltage


Dissipation Factor tanδ: 1% 


Insulation Resistance: Min. 200 000 MΩ at 25 °C


Product Description: 

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Capacitor knowledge:

Main failure mechanism of capacitor breakdown
(1) dielectric materials have defects or defects, or contain conductive impurities or conductive particles.
(2) dielectric aging and thermal aging;
(3)Electrochemical reaction inside the dielectric.
(4) migration of silver ions;

(5)The dielectric is subjected to mechanical damage during the manufacture of capacitors.
(6)Changes in the molecular structure of the dielectric.
(7)Arcing in high humidity or low pressure environment;
(8)Dielectric transient short circuit under mechanical stress.
(9)Prevention of capacitor overvoltage failure
(10)Capacitors are liable to be broken down under overvoltage, and instantaneous high voltage often occurs in practical applications.
(11)Select capacitors that withstand transient overvoltage and find the original plant to be safe and reliable.