About 30KV103K capacitor of high-voltage ceramic in a series


30KV10000PF wafer in the form of high-voltage ceramic capacitor, is a very widespread use of the products, but some points that explain the case of products, clear recommendation of the client's requirements for the client.


30KV103K due to its large capacity, high voltage, so there are some shortcomings, mainly in:

A very good high-frequency characteristics.In other words, we do not recommend customers using high frequency products.For example, X-Ray machine CT, X rays of the machine, the frequency of work is too high, they are used in these devices is not very good.


Secondly, the long-term continuous operation mode, the effect is not very good.This product is that the capacity is big, can not use the N4700 material to produce, which resulted in a compromise product performance.If the device is necessary to work long-term continuous, it is recommended not to use this product.


Thirdly, we recommend using Y5T materials to customers, or N4700 material products such as 30KV5000PF.This product is particularly good resistance to high performance, current measurement data shows that under 60 kV test conditions is completely normal, non-destructive tests found that the voltage is higher than 84KV.Excellent high frequency characteristics.


Fourthly, if the product of a client is not very high frequency of the environment, or is working in the long term, recommends the use of 40KV10000PF products.Diameter is 40 mm, thickness 13 mm, step 20 mm.This product is identified by customers, the performance is very safe


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