High voltage capacitor recovery?


High voltage capacitor recovery?

Ceramics capacitor of high pressure recovery?

Obviously, there are samples, clients do not give urgent reminder of why? Do reminders box measuring customers one by one example: want to ready 40KV202k?Why not give the sample?

Customers are faced with a call from the second reminder, really have to hide in thinking about this.However, can only say to customers: Please wait a few days, the recovery is not enough, this quality do not increase.

The following topics to talk about our capacitors of high voltage ceramic that recovery! High-temperature sintering, high voltage ceramic capacitors of the most important processes.After a hundred tons of stamping of cast iron, and more than thousand grades of high-temperature sintering and high-voltage ceramic chip capacitors, built between the molecular crystal structure.The next 6 hours Bake at high temperatures, and 7 hours of isolation, totally interrupts the internal structure of crystals.

Therefore, in order to resume the construction of the chip, the chip has a solid and high-voltage ceramic capacitor needs time to recover.Recovery (for storage at room temperature) 60 days is better.In addition, the storage for a year and two years of storage products for a long time for the outstanding performance.Therefore, a long period of recovery, the performance of the condenser is very helpful, there is no recovery of capacity, the tension and the strength of its current performance is poor.The study found that the storage time of high voltage ceramic capacitors, the values of angle of losses are small, characteristic of high frequency will be better.

Of course, many customers may not expect: store of one or two years, or storage of 60 days, it's seriously affect at the time of delivery.There is a shorter recovery method?Yes, we can put capacitors of high voltage ceramic stored in the refrigerator, can store up to 20 days, you can reach the auto-healing effect.Therefore the vote scheduled for shipments, the delivery is about 60 days appear.High voltage ceramic capacitors MZC CT81 30kV 332 m, for example, the Fengyun capacity finished, the pressure on the aspect test 45 kV, and auto-recuperación of months, pressure has led to 50kV, two months after the tension of the achieved recovery condenser 55KV.Course, some stored in the warehouse for more than one year, it reached more than 60 kV voltage withstand!Of course, the loss of this moment is close to zero.

After storing the quality it will be better, not through auto-recuperación of the voltage of the capacitor to less than the rated voltage, even.Therefore, the merchandise and then the guests urgent reminder that we cannot just leave that awaits you, waiting, express delivery, not only of poor quality, but also affect the company's reputation, it is two thankless task.

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