Partial Discharge Tester requirements of high voltage cerami


In this work, a meter of partial discharges, for example, to illustrate the great importance of ceramic capacitors of the EP.Several of his arguments are as follows:


Capacitance can try the range of products: 6PF ~ 250UF;Sensitivity of detection: < 0. 02PC (50pF less time capacity);Amplifier: F1 3dB of low frequency 10,20,30,50,80 KHZ optional;frequency of 3 dB 100.200.300.400.500 KHZ optional high, input impedance;1 M Europe;



From these basic parameters, you can see, this is an EP for capacitor test equipment, vacuum you can check the amount of a wide range of capacitors, 6PF to 250UF, which is a considerable period.UHP's capacity, which is basically in the sphere of this volume.


Secondly, PD test high sensitivity, < 0. 02PC, this is a very small DP request.A bit of subtle differences can lead to partial discharge test is not accurate.Therefore, the partial fulfilment of the requirements of high-voltage ceramic tester of stricter capacitors.For example, a ceramic capacitors of HV used 40KVDC102k instrument PD, if the stone used in the capacity of the instrument itself volume of the largest heavy Office, then this instrument is basically of the evidence of another measure, the results is not required.Therefore, the production of customer meter PD: Please PD zero PC-  HVCT8G-40kV - 102 K of high voltage ceramic capacitors!Just think, electricity companies in general use of our product teams, or the requirements of the EP are 5PC in 10PC in line, obviously, in this instrument on the EP is not feasible.PD test instrument must maintain his authority, or simply decoration of this instrument.Therefore, the police from scratch, this is a basic requirement.


The third, high-frequency characteristics.PD meter test this condition, the minimum of 1 kHz, the highest 500KHZ.The same period shows that users in the use of our high-voltage capacitor ceramic, when most of the middle atmosphere higher frequency engineer.Because there will be the course of the voltage of the pulse, there will be moments of engineers of high-level and high-frequency voltage impulses, so that our high-voltage ceramic capacitor is also a consideration: engineer must take into account the frequency.Therefore, the moment is using the material N4700 is a good temperature, high resistance of the upper material.devices features.



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