Y5T & N4700 become main product of High voltage capacito


Y5T & N4700 become main product of High voltage capacito


In the form of wafer-cylindrical high voltage ceramic capacitors of high voltage ceramic capacitor be used accordingly, there will be a great fit.HVC capacitor according to the different needs of customers and different expectations for the price, it divided into two main product materials and material N4700 Y5T two.


Y5T a wider use of the matter is, in the majority of high-voltage generators and other products are fully viable final product validation.This type of stability of the product, near the N4700 performance material products.However, the price is relatively speaking.Cheaper.Generator high voltage, high voltage ceramic capacitors are increasingly adopted by the generation of thin film capacitors, the principal as a new product.As a single product within one larger amount, so that the cost has become business considerations.


Some high voltage ceramic capacitors or Y5V manufacturer and other materials used Y5P supply, because the price is relatively cheap, but it also allows the use is thrilled, but then found that although these products are doing well in many respects, cannot make the fatal acceptance default: life is short!This is a direct result of the matter.The extreme bottom materials are cheap, electrical performance is inadequate.


Capacitor of HVC with N4700 material, this material in all aspects of high voltage ceramic capacitors have played well, life is super, but the Jiaoren is not only satisfied with the price.Accordingly, capacity of HVC recent decision, the original of all products are manufactured to the highest standards, unified material N4700, is now of intelligent networks and other military and aerospace order classes on a device with the N4700 products, and in general high - voltage of the generator which uses the same material of excellent quality Y5T.


Y5T same high voltage ceramic capacitor materials are not cheap.Y5V or Y5P other more costly relative in terms of low-end products.Without, however, the relatively high-voltage capacitors N4700 ceramic material terms, costs or reduce a lot, but customers are also acceptable.Therefore, after the sale or supply of capacitor HVC foreign, are offered two prices customers to customers of their choice, while Y5T N4700 and ability of the two materials will become the main HVC


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