Alternative Replacement Cross Reference for AVX Doorknob Capacitor HP / HW / HK / HD / HE / HZ


HVC high voltage doorknob capacitor is alternative repacement for AVX doorknob capacitor,Concerned series : AVX series:HP / HW / HK / HD / HE / HZ

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Alternative Replacement Cross Reference for AVX Doorknob Capacitor
              Concerned Series HP / HW / HK / HD / HE / HZ 

Similar to Murata, in 2018 October,19th, AVX announced they will quit the market of high voltage doorknob ceramic capacitor and saying this market is declining and they not earn money for those product.We know AVX HV doorknob capacitor (series HP / HW / HK / HD / HE / HZ) produce by TPC in France since 1998.AVX doorknob capacitor earn a good fame majorly in Europe, lots of high end equipment such as power electrical equipment like SF6 circuit breaker(AC application),Industrial X-ray related application like NDT(non destructive testing), medical X-Ray application like CT/MRI machine.CO2 laser equipment, and pulse discharge application like Marx generator, Tesla Coil and high voltage testing equipment,all above typical manufacturer now urgently seeking for suitable replacement of AVX doorknob capacitor.
HVC Capacitor is good solution for AVX’s high voltage doorknob capacitor product replacement /Alternative/ Cross Reference. HVC with successful case in replacing Vishay / Murata / AVX and TDK’s doorknob capacitor. And HVC have same customer base as above mentioned.
AVX doorknob capacitor offer special feature for their product,and HVC item covering all following special technical requirement.
1. AVX doorknob capacitor widely used in AC application, power electrical equipment client pay high attention on partial effect,and most of them asking for low corona effect, like partial discharge value in no more than 5 pc ,and HVC product can meet this requirement.
2. AVX offer capacitor in coated(HP series) and uncoated(HK/HW series),since lots of power electrical clients using bare ceramic disc to do own encapsulation to keeping the finished produce in very compact size. HVC also offer coated and uncoated option.
3. AVX offer the highest 100kv rated voltage ceramic capacitor in the market, while other famous name Murata / TDK / Vishay only showing 50kv in public,HVC now also producing N4700 class 100KV capacitor in 500pf,1000pf and Y5U class 100KV item up to 2000pf and 3000pf.
4. AVX offer dielectric material base on strontium; HVC have own patent of different type BaSrTiO3 ceramics dielectric and mix with rare material, enable HVC to offer different dielectric capacitor to meet customer’s various requirement.  
Following HVC advantage helping customer to replace AVX item become easier way:
1. HVC provide technical consultant and even circuit diagram analysis ensure right component selection,which required strong electronic component knowledge and application experience.
2. HVC provide high percentage of custom production according to customer’s PCB space, custom product diameter , lead spacing and other detail.
3. In most of case, using HVC as replacement means cost down and also shorten production lead time,special custom production lead time in 4 weeks, and mass production lead time strictly hold on 6 to 8 weeks.
4. HVC Capacitor already established an international sales network, with authority distributors in Germany, France, UK, USA, Italy, Russia, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore. Local distributor offering logistic, stock buffering, customer local caring,business visiting,payment credit and other value added services. customer can buy HVC’s component just like buying from domestic.   
5.HVC will assist customer for new project development,which always means higher voltage and higher frequency capacitors requirement.

Following list frequency used AVX doorknob capacitors cross reference HVC’s part number :



HVC Alternative / Replacement / Cross Reference item

HD300X0501M 15KV 500PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-501K
HP30EX0561M 15KV 560PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-561K
HP30EX0751M 15KV 750PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-751K
HP30EX0102M 15KV 1000PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-102K
HP40EX0182M 15KV 1800PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-182K
HP40EX0202M 15KV 2000PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-202K
HP50EX0252M 15KV 2500PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-252K
HP50EX0272M 15KV 2700PF HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-272K
HP60EX0372M 15KV 3700PF please inquiry to
HP60EX0402M 15KV 4000PF please inquiry to
HP60EX0502M 15KV 5000PF please inquiry to
HP60EX0562M 15KV 5600PF please inquiry to
HP30EY0501M 20KV 500PF please inquiry to
HP30EY0561M 20KV 560PF please inquiry to
HP40EY0102M 20KV 1000PF please inquiry to
HP40EY0132M 20KV 1300PF please inquiry to
HP40EY0152M 20KV 1500PF please inquiry to
HP50EY0202M 20KV 2000PF please inquiry to
HP50EY0222M 20KV 2200PF please inquiry to
HP50EY0252M 20KV 2500PF please inquiry to
HP60EY0302M 20KV 3000PF please inquiry to
HP60EY0332M 20KV 3300PF please inquiry to
HP60EY0372M 20KV 3700PF please inquiry to
HP60EY0402M 20KV 4000PF please inquiry to
HP30E30561M 30KV 560PF please inquiry to
HP40E30821M 30KV 820PF please inquiry to
HP40E30102M 30KV 1000PF please inquiry to
HP40E31121M 30KV 1120PF please inquiry to
HP50E30152M 30KV 1500PF please inquiry to
HP50E30172M 30KV 1700PF please inquiry to
HP50E30202M 30KV 2000PF please inquiry to
HP60E30272M 30KV 2700PF please inquiry to
HP60E30302M 30KV 3000PF please inquiry to
HP60E30332M 30KV 3300PF please inquiry to
HP30E40391M 40KV 390PF please inquiry to
HP40E40751M 40KV 750PF please inquiry to
HP50E40102M 40KV 1000PF HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-102K
HP50E40142M 40KV 1400PF HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-142K
HP60E40172M 40KV 1700PF HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-172K
HP60E40202M 40KV 2000PF HVCT8G-40KV-DL55-202K
HP60E40242M 40KV 2400PF HVCT8G-40KV-DL55-242K
HP30E50281M 50KV 280PF HVCT8G-50KV-DL55-281K
HP40E50411M 50KV 410PF please inquiry to
HP40E50501M 50KV 500PF please inquiry to
HP40E50561M 50KV 560PF please inquiry to
HP50E50751M 50KV 750PF please inquiry to
HP50E50851M 50KV 850PF please inquiry to
HP50E50102M 50KV 1000PF HVCT8G-50KV-DL60-102K
HP60E51351M 50KV 1350PF HVCT8G-50KV-DL60-1351K
HP60E50152M 50KV 1500PF HVCT8G-50KV-DL60-152K
HP60E51651M 50KV 1650PF please inquiry to
HP50E90501M 100KV 500PF HVCT8G-100KV-DL60-501K
HP60E96750M 100KV 675PF please inquiry to
HP60E90751M 100KV 750PF please inquiry to
HP60E98250M 100KV 825PF HVCT8G-100KV-DL60-825K